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Plan of Attack!

Everyone !
Listen up pls!
The Plan of Attack has been changed!
Please DO NOT twitter Radio-Dj's , to play 'Dance with me' anymore!.
We got someone taking care of that.
More likely we are trying to target Fans with similar musical interests!
Such as for example those of Jesse McCartney!
Spread the word that Aaron is back with a new Single!
And tell each and everyone of them and everyone you know
to go and download it on iTunes ! This will help getting Aaron
into the iTunes Charts & to a higher chartposition which will catch
the radio-stations attention!
Our goal is getting Aaron into the top 40's of iTune-Charts!
So pls download 'Dance with me' on iTunes to help accomplish this!
Keep up the Love!
xoxo The Team

4.1.10 00:05


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