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Wooow (:

Woow you Guys!
You're all awesome!(:
So far there have not been 1million , not 2million but
17million Copies of 'Dance with me' sold!!
You guys know how awesome that is?
Aaron is soo happy (: Just look @ this tweet:

" Wow!! I seriously have the best fans! 17 million records sold cause of you!! I love you all!! Let's do 20 million this time!! You ready? "

This was all just possible because of you! It's amazing!
So let's try taking it a little further and getting Aaron the 20Million Downloads he deserves &' make him even more happy.!
Keep the AC Pride alive!

14.1.10 15:03


Ways to support Aaron :)

This great Aaron Carter Promo Video was made by the AC_Army on Twitter : )
So if anyone of you has Twitter you should follow them

Here we have some other ways to support Aaron Carter  :

All of you should buy your copy of Dance with me on ITunes we are trying to get 1 Million downloads in 2 weeks.
If you didn't buy it yet you can do so here :

So one more way to support him : )
You can vote for @AARONCARTER7 on Mr. Twitter : ) He's is on page 3 right now should be Nr. 1 though =)
If you wanna vote you can do so here :

9.1.10 12:59

New Affiliate!

Hey you Guys (:
Listen up!
We got a new Affiliate on aarcon-carter.fans ; )

This is the best source for Angel Carter you can possibly find
on the internet ; ) Seriously !
So pay it a visit & go check it out!
It's rly worth it ; )
xoxo Lena
4.1.10 17:37

Plan of Attack!

Everyone !
Listen up pls!
The Plan of Attack has been changed!
Please DO NOT twitter Radio-Dj's , to play 'Dance with me' anymore!.
We got someone taking care of that.
More likely we are trying to target Fans with similar musical interests!
Such as for example those of Jesse McCartney!
Spread the word that Aaron is back with a new Single!
And tell each and everyone of them and everyone you know
to go and download it on iTunes ! This will help getting Aaron
into the iTunes Charts & to a higher chartposition which will catch
the radio-stations attention!
Our goal is getting Aaron into the top 40's of iTune-Charts!
So pls download 'Dance with me' on iTunes to help accomplish this!
Keep up the Love!
xoxo The Team

4.1.10 00:05

Once again!

Alright everybody so again!
We or more likely Aaron need(s) ALL of your help!
What you can do?
As we've said before :
Spread the word about Aaron and his new single!
Tell you local RadioStations that AC is back &' request 'Dance with me'! This way we will give Aaron a lot of promo!
For those who have Twitter & want to support Aaron take
look @ this !

Klick on the 'plan of attack' (by ACPromoTeam)above to see what it's all about!
Twitter like crazy & spread the word!

So pls(!!) add us/our followers or the people we're following on twitter too! We all need all the followers we can get! We're all doing the best we can to support Aaron on this!

In addition we got some support Gfx-Donation by the TeamACFinland ! Take a sec and look @ them! We think it's great that everyone is putting so much work into this!


Thx again to TeamACFinland!

Lastly , guys pls(!) spread the word and the link to this Site so everyone will take notice of this!
xoxo The Team!

3.1.10 16:59


Hey Everybody!

You guys can also follow us on twitter and help us support Aaron Carter !
Right now all of the Aaron Carter Troops are trying to make #AC2010 a trending topic , we need 1,900 posts with #AC2010 for that.
And also everybody is telling radio stations to play Aarons new hot single "Dance with me" feat. Flo - Rida.

 So come to twitter and help us ! 

 Our twitter : www.twitter.com/aaroncfans

and as you now &' as we've posted in our navigation , Aaron Carter has an official Twitter too it's : 


 By the way HAPPY NEW YEAAAR :*

Best wishes for 2010 , 

The Team 

2.1.10 23:06

We're open!

Yey (: We're finally open!

So welcome to aaron-carter.fans.de.tt ! ; )
Take a look around ,enjoy & maybe leave us a message in the guestbook ! (:
We hope you like it & that you will pay us another visit soon
xoxo the Team

30.12.09 16:24


Aaron Online Projects Media Gallery


.... (: lalalalaa.. Blaah xD uhm coming soon? More? //


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