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On December 7th 1987 , just one minute after his Twinsister Angel , Aaron , the youngest member of the 'Carter-Clan', was born. Very soon it was obvious that he would be stepping into the footstepts of his big brother Nick Carter(Backstreet Boys). At the young age of only 7 years Aaron founded a band with three of his classmates in Tampa/Florida. They called themselves 'Dead End' and performed in the local librabry and in a couple of Cafes located in the City. Still in 1996 the Boys parted ways because of what they called 'musical differences'.
While other kids went to school Aaron performed at various charity events . Around the same time Aaron began to seriously work on his voice. He spent hours with Vocalcoaches and shortly after that recorded his first Single 'Crush on You' . After a performance at a Backstreet-Boys-Concert in march 1997 Aarons destiny was sealed . The Edel Company showed themselves so overwhelmed by Aarons performance that they offered him a contract right away. On his 10th birthday Aaron was already in the chart all over the world. His Debut-Album was awarded with gold in 12 different countries and went plantinum in Japan. In the UK Aaron even broke a Record for being the yongest male Artist ever been able to show off with 4 Top 40-Singles. In 1999 , at the age of 11 Aaron expanded his impact : After the release of his selftitled Album in June 1998 Aaron accompanied his big brother Nick and the rest of the Backstreet Boys on their sold-out Northamerica-Tour. The Performances in front of thousands of screaming Teen's were the preparation for his life as one of the most hard-working Kids in Showbiz.
Now about 11 years after his career kick-off Aaron has made himself well known all over the world. Releasing a mass of singles and shocking us with various headlines over the years. Starring in productions such as 'House of Carters' or 'Dancing with the Stars' Aaron has never completely vanished into thin air. And now he's back with new musical projects ready to hit it off again in 2010.


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